Shams Power


March 2023




In December 2021, GuarantCo and Bank Alfalah provided Shams Power with a PKR 2 billion (c. USD 11.3 million) financing solution to support the construction of approximately 21 MW small rooftop and ground mounted solar plants at commercial, industrial and institutional e.g. university, hospital sites across Pakistan to reach grid connected users.

The project will improve Pakistan’s power sector efficiency by producing clean and green power near the point of usage, thus reducing wastage and line losses associated with the national grid and by stabilising the grid at peak times.  Shams Power helps to reduce carbon emissions and has a positive impact on mitigating climate change through the provision of clean, sustainable solar power.


This transaction has the potential to transform the rooftop solar market in Pakistan by demonstrating the ability for rooftop solar providers to access debt funding locally; this will allow for developers to scale up to unlock more solar potential. The transaction also builds the capacity of energy regulators and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), allowing them to create a supportive and practical regulatory and financial framework whilst also building the capacity of banks who are new to this asset class. Shams is also committed to continue the provision of training and potential employment opportunities to female engineers as the company grows.


Business and institutional users will benefit from lower electricity costs through the rooftop systems installed without incurring any upfront capital expenditure. The proposed solution also increases users’ electricity reliability and reduces their reliance on back-up diesel generators. Given climate considerations and business continuity reasons, Shams Power’s solution represents an efficient alternative to existing solutions. In addition, the transaction will lead to long-term job creation in the project value chain and 60 local permanent jobs have been created by Shams Power.