Celtel Chad


Digital communication infrastructure Digital communication infrastructure

XAF 3.5 billion partial credit guarantee for Afriland Bank to provide additional lending to the leading mobile telecommunications provider in Chad.

Financing partners
Afriland First Bank, FMO

GuarantCo guarantee
XAF 3.5 billion (USD 8 million)

Total transaction amount
XAF 14.8 billion (USD 33 million)

Transaction benefits

In line with Celtel policy to increase local currency financing, Celtel Chad sought additional CFA financing for capital expenditure and to refinance USD shareholder loans. The joint guarantee by FMO and GuarantCo enabled Afriland First Bank to increase its loan beyond its normal lending cap to meet Celtel Chad’s full debt requirements.

Development benefits

The link between mobile phone use and development has been widely documented, particularly in Africa. The further network expansion, partially financed by the GuarantCo covered loan, has helped expand the network into more rural areas. Celtel Chad leads the way in expanding the mobile network, so for many areas this will be the first time they have had access to mobile services. In addition, the ability to roam over a larger proportion of the country is particularly useful for Chad as it has a significant nomadic population.