Funding requests

We are always keen to hear about new opportunities that are aligned with our investment criteria below whilst supporting our vision to become a centre of excellence for local currency credit solutions in lower income countries thereby assisting with the alleviation of poverty.

Investment size and tenor

The guarantee cover available from GuarantCo for a single transaction is between USD 5 million to USD 50 million or the equivalent amount in local currency. We will not typically cover more than 50 percent of the total debt of the project or corporate and can cover senior and subordinated debt but not equity. The maximum tenor is 15 years.

Form of guarantee

GuarantCo can provide a variety of contingent products as may be required for a particular project including: partial credit and partial risk guarantees, first loss guarantees, tenor extension or liquidity guarantees and can provide joint guarantees or counter guarantees.

Eligible countries

GuarantCo is able to support projects in lower income countries as listed in the DAC List of ODA recipients

Social and environmental impact

All projects supported by GuarantCo must comply with:

  • Environmental and social policies and procedures (IFC performance standards)
  • PIDG code of conduct
  • Anticorruption and integrity policies and procedures

Eligible sectors

In general, GuarantCo can support the construction of new facilities or the expansion of refurbishment of existing facilities. In addition, we can support the refinancing of existing facilities where cross border debt is replaced by local financing.

What to do next?

If you believe that you have a viable project which fits within our investment policy, please complete the form below.

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For specific regional enquiries please contact:

Janice Kotut, Managing Director, PIDG InfraSolutions –

Jules Samain, Managing Director, Africa –

Nishant Kumar, Managing Director, Asia –